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My grandfather always told me bedtime stories of three brave cape verdean brothers who consistently set out on amazing adventures searching for the wonders of the end of the world. My dreams would always be consumed by images of landscapes which were mostly captured from the single channel tv station in Fogo.

I wish my grandfather was still around so i can share with him my own attempts to discover the wonders of the world. I have not traveled as much as i would like to yet but my mind is trapped in the box of dream meets reality where i am convinced i am the fourth brave brother in search of the wonders of the end of the world.

One of the most amazing adventures i took was a cross country car trip from Brockton,MA to Los Angeles, CA.Picture 645 I couldn’t possibly make it happen without kimy by my side the whole time sharing the duties on the wheels. We were able to drive for 33 hours until we finally decided to stop in Denver, CO for an overnight stay. I was moved by the beautiful,vast and diverse landscapes of North America and shocked to learn there was so much more than the overly congested environment of the urban cities in the east coast. You begin to quickly realize the bubble you live in that can easily trap you with minor obstacles when there is so much to discover about this world and specially this country.

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Some friends told me that i should have taken the airplane because it is crazy to drive almost three days in the middle of nowhere. I discovered that just like my friends, I also neglected to acknowledge that the nowhere was somewhere for the many families that called it home. A place where exists true tranquility away from the perils we face in our society on a daily basis. It was the kindness of these people that helped us when our car ran out of gas in the midst of the desert in Arizona. Although, at the time i was seriously doubting if we would make it through the infamous frigid night time weather of the desert.

Picture 741There is no better feeling than the sensation of accomplishment. I felt a circuit of energy traveling through my body as i pondered at the fact that i had just joined the small percentage of individuals whom shared the same experience. Once in LA, kimy and i were graciously welcomed by the great cape verdean filmmaker, Guenny Pires.

After some time spend in santa monica by the famous pier where i can now easily identify in many movies .

Picture 740We were also invited to spend a night with the great, talented and jack of all trades,Paul, who lives in a beautiful historic brownstone with a breathtaking view from the terrace.I must also thank Paul for the great evening drinking away the 2 for 1 margarida specials. I am sure i don’t remember much after that but i am certain that myself and kimy had a blast.

What i experienced will be part of many stories i will someday share with my grandchildren. Deep in my heart, i know that my grandfather was present at every moment of of this road trip. I would greatly suggest that you get on the road and learn what amazing things your country has to offer. I am already planning future adventures and this time i will recruit more people to be part of it.

Are you brave enough to join me?

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